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Scris pe de Oana Filip

Am dat peste un articol care îmi place mult de tot. Nu pentru că are legătură cu social media, ci pentru că mi se pare că e grăitor oricum l-ai suci. Are o morală care m-a pus pe gânduri.


„In the end, the majority of the answer is not about the talent or the ability to pull a thought together, it’s about the commitment. The blank screen does not care… it’s agnostic. If you write, good for you. If you don’t, good for you.
That being said, if you keep at it… If you use these platforms to think deeply about what you’re about and why you think your industry is the way it is, then slowly over time you’ll find your groove and your talent will shine. Sadly, most people want it fast and easy. That’s good news for those who are truly committed to it, because they’re the ones who actually get what they want”. via